A fun run | walk put up to help raise funds for the spinal surgery of Nurse Tine.


22nd December 2019
Assembly and Registration Time at 4:00am


Town and Country Executive Village Antipolo
Club house


Tine is a wonderful wife and mother to a beautiful daughter Andi, who is now 5. Before her back complications, Tine was a dedicated head nurse of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Marikina Doctors Hospital and Medical Center, Pasig City, Philippines.

It takes a special person to become a nurse, but that?s even more true to those who become a nurse for sick babies. Tine is that kind of person and more.


Back Story

Last November 2017, after taking a quick bend while taking care of her daughter. Tine, felt a sharp pain in her back and followed by sciatic pain on her right leg. She had physical therapy up until January 2018, when she had her first surgery, laminotomy and discectomy. Her recovery from that procedure was very tough.

In March 2018, she is rushed to the ER where she was admitted in the hospital due to burning pain and persistent back spasms. She was ordered to do more physical therapy.

Despite Tine?s hard work to be better , the incident happened again in July 2018. This time she is having excruciating and buttocks pain.

They asked other opinions from doctors here in the Philippines and some advised to perform spinal fusion surgery on the same disc level. However, the risk of having an adjacent disc disease (disc above and below will deteriorate once one segment of the spine is fused). Hence, this could lead for more surgery in the future.

One doctor told her about Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement but this procedure is not yet available in the Philippines.

They researched for this procedure and was able to send her diagnostic results to specialist in Europe and Hong Kong. Good thing, she is a candidate for this procedure.

The estimated cost of the surgery in Europe ranges from 25,000 USD- 35,000 USD (1,250,000- 1,750,000 PHP), Airfare of 100,000 PHP and accommodation of 100,000 PHP. In Hong Kong price range is approximately 35,000 USD (1,750,000 PHP) Airfare of 20,000 PHP and accommodation of 80,000 PHP.

With the above, Tine is humbly knocking to your kind hearts to help her raise funds to bring back his quality of life and do again the things she is passionate about which is nursing.


"Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My efforts to be better is for my sweet daughter and my loving husband. They are the reason I am fighting. God will be my stronghold and guide." - Tine Alicante


Runners are invited to participate in the 2019 GYBT FAMILY RUN | WALK FOR A CAUSE to be held 22 December 2019 (Sunday), 4 a.m. at Town and Country Executive Village Antipolo, Rizal.

The fun run is open to all individuals, family and friends, residents and non-resident of the village.

It aims to raise funds for the surgery and spine treatment of Tine.

The fun run also aims to promote among the people the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and holistic wellness, and to foster friendly competition and camaraderie.




The proceeds of the fun run will help raise funds for the spinal surgery (Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement) of Tine and also help her family to sustain the post-operative treatments for her smooth recovery.

Joining fee for registration:

1Km - (Kids, PWD and Senior) 350 PHP
3Km - (Adult Men and Women) 400 PHP

Race inclusions: Singlet, Ticket, Race bibs and replenishments on the day of the run

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Location and Venue


Club House

Town and Country Executive Village




Assembly and Registration Time